Does Altibase produce a quick ROI for its clients?

With Altibase, you can reap the benefits of both low costs of open source DBMSs and peace of mind and accountability of legacy DBMSs.

Altibase Helps Clients Save Money Quickly

  • License costs are reduced immediately as Altibase is open source.
  • Its open source version includes Altibase’s cutting-edge scale-out technology, sharding.
  • Its subscription fees are flexible and competitive.
  • Altibase’s hybrid architecture eliminates the need to purchase an in-memory database and an on-disk database separately .
  • DBA costs are reduced through Altibase’s compatibility with industry standard programming languages, drivers and interfaces.
  • Data management strategies are future-proofed immediately by eliminating the need to upgrade database software.

Cost reduction in Hardware

  • Altibase reduces hardware costs as Altibase with its in-memory capabilities allows for better performance on equivalent servers and hardware than disk-resident databases.
  • Altibase reduces CPU load by 3 to 5 times on average, even 20 times in extreme cases. Fewer servers mean less power consumption, maintenance expenditures, points of failure and future sunk costs.
  • With Altibase’s sharding, you can optimize and economize on your scaling-related expenditures instead of spending a huge sum on H/W addition and upgrade such as expensive servers.
  • With Altibase’s sharding, you can add as many commodity/cheap servers as necessary without experiencing coordinator-related performance degradation.
  • It is easy and cost effective to adopt Altibase’s sharding as it does not require any changes to your existing applications if your systems are built on relational databases.

Migration Efficiency

  • Altibase’s migration process uses less labor and requires less time than its competitors. By eliminating the additional cost required to combine dual engines (in-memory + on-disk), enterprises start saving immediately.
  • Altibase has a quality assurance process that prevents errors and data duplication.
  • No reliance on expensive 3rd party solutions, which translates into cost savings.
  • Automated tools ensure accuracy for expeditious data migration. The process takes about one day per TB of data. If your system can handle parallel processing, the migration can handle about 4 TB per day.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.