Does Altibase produce a quick ROI for its clients?

Absolutely. Altibase saves time, reduces hardware resources and adds to its clients’ bottom line in a variety of ways.

Migration Efficiency

  • Altibase’s migration process uses less labor and requires less time than its competitors. By eliminating the additional cost required to combine dual engines (in-memory + on-disk), enterprises start saving immediately.
  • Altibase has a quality assurance process that prevents errors and data duplication.
  • No reliance on expensive 3rd party solutions, which translates into cost savings.
  • Automated tools ensure accuracy for expeditious data migration. The process takes about one day per TB of data. If your system can handle parallel processing, the migration can handle about 4 TB per day.

Cost reduction in Hardware

  • Altibase reduces CPU load by 3 to 5 times on average, even 20 times in extreme cases. Fewer servers mean less power consumption, maintenance expenditures, points of failure and future sunk costs.
  • It is easy and cost effective to adopt Altibase’s scale-out technology, sharding, so it does not require to purchase expensive H/W for DBMS server at the initial stage of system configuration

Altibase Helps Clients Save Money Quickly

  • License costs are reduced immediately as Altibase is open source.
  • DBA costs are reduced through Altibase’s compatibility with industry standard programming languages, drivers and interfaces.
  • Data management strategies are future-proofed immediately by eliminating the need to upgrade database software.
  • Database speed and storage volume come in one tidy package: Altibase with hybrid architecture (in-memory + on-disk in a single unified engine).

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.