How does Altibase migrate data from legacy systems?

Altibase offers an automation tool: Migration Center. It migrates various kinds of data objects from sources to target databases and ensures 100% data integrity and consistency.

Migration Center

Migration Center is a database migration tool that copies compatible database objects and data from other databases to Altibase. Manual tasks of database migration are complicated, time-consuming and prone to human error. Migration Center helps users to process database migration with a few mouse clicks in the Graphic User Interface (GUI) mode. It also supports the execution of migration using a Command Line Interface (CLI) mode.

Internal Process of Migration Center

  • Define database source and target:
    • Source and target database IP addresses and ports
    • Source and target user ID, password, JDBC driver, character set encoding, etc.
  •  Define data objects to migrate:
    • Source and target data objects information: table, column, index, view, procedure, etc.
  • Define migration options:
    • Selection of options: Thread count, batch size, etc.
    • Selection of migration scope: User mode and table mode
    • Data type mapping
    • Tablespace mapping
    • Stored procedure converting
    • DDL Modification
  • Validate migration rules
  •  Execute migration via rules
  •  Review the report files
    •  RunReport4Summary.html: the summary report file that provides the overall result of migration
    • RunReport4Missing.html: the report file that provides the list of data objects which were not migrated properly
    • DbObj_Failed.sql: the list of failed SQL commands and the cause of each failure

Migration Center Advantages

  • Easy and simple migration from other DBMSs to Altibase
  • Flexible mapping of different types of data objects
  • Migration summary report to review the migration result
  • High performance parallel migration
  • Manual rule modification

Migration Center Specifications

Source Databases

  • Altibase 4.3.9 or higher versions
  • Oracle 9i or higher versions
  • Timesten 7.0, TimesTen 11.2
  • SQL Server 2005 ~ 2012
  • MySQL 5.0 ~ 5.5
  • Informix 11.50
  • CUBRID: 8.4.1~9.3.5(ISO-8859-1, UTF-8 charset)

Target Database

  • Altibase 5.5.1 or higher versions

GUI Tool

  • JRE : Sun or IBM Java 5 or higher
  • Processor: 800MHz Pentium III or better
  • Memory: 512MB or more
  • Disk: 150MB or more free space
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels or greater
  • OS graphic library

CLI Tool

  • JRE : Sun or IBM Java 5 or higher
  • Processor: 1 CPU or more
  • Memory: 512MB or more
  • Disk: 150MB or more free space

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