How does Altibase handle disaster recovery?

What if your system goes down? With Altibase, there is no need to worry. Altibase provides a time-proven solution that prevents database/server downtime and virtually eliminates the potentially negative effects of system outages.

For today’s enterprise businesses, 100% database uptime is essential. At the core of IT, should a database/server go down unexpectedly, the consequences could be disastrous. If critical data cannot be accessed due to an application or database failure, the enterprise is forced to overcome damages to productivity, product/service quality, customer satisfaction and ultimately the bottom line. Unexpected downtime of a database/server negatively impacts enterprises each and every day.

Altibase provides non-stop HA solutions to customers with its disaster recovery solution that has features of in-memory based real time replication for synchronous/asynchronous data duplication and in-memory based real time backup and recovery.

Altibase Provides Non-Stop HA Disaster Recovery Solutions via:

In-Memory Database

Altibase with its hybrid architecture combines the extreme speed of an in-memory database with the storage capacity of an on-disk database in a single unified engine. Altibase provides over 10 times faster processing ability than traditional on-disk databases such as Oracle, SQL server and IBM DB2. Altibase disaster recovery solution provides processing speed 5 times faster than other traditional on-disk databases in replication and backup/recovery.

Real Time Replication

Altibase features real time replication for synchronous/asynchronous data duplication. Replication provides non-stop HA service to mitigate database server, storage server or network switch failures. Altibase provides two types of replication modes: synchronous for high integrity and asynchronous for high speed.

  • Altibase supports 10,240 replication nodes whereas Oracle only supports 32 nodes.
  • Altibase provides the fastest data replication based on in-memory computing through high speed of parallel replication.
  • Altibase provides heterogeneous database replication to Oracle, Microsoft, and other DBMSs, including Altibase via Altibase Log Analyzer.
  • Altibase provides a variety of replication configurations such as master-slave, all-master, fan-in, fan-out and propagation.
  • Altibase provides table-based replications whereas other DBMSs are tablespace-based.
  • Altibase provides easy configuration and scalability compared to other DBMSs.

Real Time Backup/Recovery

Data failures are usually caused by data storage failure. Altibase provides intrinsic backup and recovery solutions that prevent all kinds of data storage failures and guarantee data availability and integrity via:

  • The fastest backup/recovery based on in-memory computing through parallel backup/recovery technology
  • A variety of backup/recovery techniques such as online, offline, incremental, full and utility backup/recovery
  • Unmatched flexibility as compared to any other in-memory database

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