How does Altibase enhance data security?

Data security can only be achieved by a holistic approach. Altibase provides strict data security covering all aspects of its products with extreme speed of in-memory database. Representative data security related features are its secure communication support, Audit SQL support and standard integration method support for 3rd party encryption solutions. Altibase also provides various additional security related features such as policy based password management, IP access control, object privileges and the list goes on.

Secure Communication:

  • Altibase adopts SSL/TLS using symmetric-key algorithms to encrypt/decrypt data, and asymmetric cryptography to safely exchange the shared key and public/private key pair for authentication.
  • Altibase uses the TLS 1.0 protocol supported by the OpenSSL library.
  • Altibase supports server-only authentication and mutual authentication.
  • Altibase provides the JDBC and ODBC interfaces for SSL connection, which is currently
    supported only in Linux.

Audit SQL:

  • Auditing tracks specific statements or all statements being executed on the Altibase server in real time and records their information.
  • Auditing conditions can be configured with SQL statements.

Standard Integration Method for 3rd Party Encryption Solutions:

  • Altibase provides external procedure, function-based index and instead of trigger.
  • Altibase enables integration of all 3rd party encryption solutions.

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