Wired Telephone SMS Service – Korea Telecom

Altibase helps Korea Telecom with its real time wired SMS while reducing the number of active servers from 30 to 4.

Use Case: Short Message System (SMS)

Current Customers: KT and SK Telecom

Industry: Telecommunications


Korea Telecom (KT) is South Korea’s largest telecommunication service provider with over 40 million users. With deep wired and wireless expertise, KT has tremendous strength in fiber optics, digital multimedia services and both wired and wireless broadband services.


Built on an Oracle Database back-end, KT’s wired telephone SMS was overrun with heavy traffic and stability issues. Transactional volume was on the rise, and KT was in immediate need of replacing its legacy system with a significantly more robust solution. Three areas called for a rapid overhaul.

  • The current system configuration restricted usable data management and flow. Data loss occurred due to the latency in data migration when the active system failed.
  • With piling demands on the legacy system and reactive attempts for resolutions, TCO and maintaining the system became untenable.
  • KT’s system infrastructure found itself obsolete. Data management and interrelated processes were timeworn, and associated hardware was becoming non-responsive.


KT implemented Altibase into its wired telephone SMS in 2010. Altibase’s built-in support of Geographic Information System (GIS) functionalities became a natural augment to KT’s business. Altibase‘s in-memory feature enabled KT to implement its real time detection, analysis and data replication requirements to foster continued advances.


  • The number of active servers was reduced from 30 to 4.
  • System resource usage was down by 73%. Active demand on the system was reduced from 88% to 15%.
  • KT’s IT spending was reduced significantly while system performance and availability was substantially
  • KT’s processing speed was increased by 600%. Before deploying Altibase, processing speeds were 100 TPS. ALTIBASE delivers over 600 TPS.
  • Even in the event of an unexpected active server crash, KT can provide uninterrupted service on its replicated standby servers.


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