Vehicle Sensor Data Service – Korea Telecom

Korea Telecom chose Altibase over open source databases for its vehicle sensor data transmission service.

Use Case: M2M

Current Customers: KT

Industry: Telecommunications


Korea Telecom (KT) is South Korea’s largest telecommunication service provider with 40 million users. With deep wired and wireless expertise, KT has tremendous strength in fiber optics, digital multimedia services and both wired and wireless broadband services.


KT embarked on a new service providing transportation companies with sensor-related data in 2013. The service involves sensors installed in vehicles such as buses and trucks. The transportation companies use data collected from sensors for management of vehicles, drivers and routes. KT needed databases to monitor and analyze data from sensors in real time.

  • To transmit and analyze data collected from sensors from vehicles in motion requires extremely high performing databases.
  • Its minimum requirement was 10,000 TPS.
  • KT considered two options for its databases. One was Altibase, and the other was open source databases.


Altibase‘s in-memory feature was adopted in 2013. The open source databases were once considered because of no upfront fee for license, but dropped out during benchmark testing because of their poor performance and concerns for support.


  • KT is now able to provide its transportation clients with top-of-the-line service. KT’s clients are able to better utilize data collected from sensors so that they could enhance their businesses and improve their profitability.
  • Altibase far exceeded KT’s TPS minimum requirement as the service now processes 20,000 TPS.
  • Thanks to Altibase, KT could remain competitive in this new line of business.

Vehicle Sensor Data

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