University Entrance Application System – UWAY

UWAY uses Altibase to handle the geometric rise in online enrollments, which provided UWAY with the ability to handle 600,000 user sessions.

Use Case: University Entrance Application System

Current Customers: UWAY

Industry: Public


UWAY is a leader in online application processing for many of top universities in South Korea.


UWAY had problems with its online application system. Its legacy DBMS was not fast, reliable or consistent.

  • During the application period, UWAY’s legacy DBMS could not cope with the workload.
  • Concurrent logon attempts were stressing the system. This led to disconnections, login failures and system downtime.
  • UWAY was in urgent need of a fail-safe remedy for its prevalent system issues that hurt profitability and damaged its reputation.
  • Stemming from an overstressed legacy DBMS, its TCO was inordinately high.


UWAY uses Altibase to service applicants with stable performance and reliable HA during heavy application period.


  • Altibase’s in-memory feature has drastically boosted performance speed.[1]
  • UWAY provides uninterrupted service during high demand and peak application periods.
  • Altibase allows UWAY instant availability of all data needed during heavy application periods.
  • Altibase’s hybrid architecture (in-memory and on-disk) has allowed all historical and current account information to be rapidly accessed and processed on an “as needed” basis.
  • With significantly lower TCO, UWAY was given the budgetary room to expand with 4 additional servers, leading to business expansion in multiple areas of the company.


[1] Processing speeds increased by 4 times.

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