Text Message Service – Korea Telecom

Korea Telecom uses Altibase for its multimedia messaging service. Korea Telecom switched to Altibase from Oracle.

Use Case: Multimedia Message System (MMS)

Current Customers: KT, LG Uplus, SK Telecom and SK Telink

Industry: Telecommunications


Korea Telecom (KT) is the largest telecommunications company in South Korea. KT sends large volumes of multimedia messages through its LMSC system. They verify the validity of messages and provide high quality multimedia message transportation.


People send and receive messages through their telecommunication service providers and often take it for granted that they do this with other parties in real time or almost simultaneously. If such service cannot be provided in real time, customers start to complain and begin to doubt the IT competitiveness of their telecommunication companies.

  • KT was worried that its legacy Oracle databases were not capable of executing the multimedia messaging service at the speed KT desired.
  • There were a growing number of clients complaining about slow speed of sending and receiving messages.
  • Speed got much slower when clients were exchanging multimedia messages such as audio, video and images.
  • KT needed to take immediate action to replace Oracle’s databases.


KT has adopted Altibase since 2009. In replacing Oracle, there was no benchmark testing, and no other database vendors were talked to as Altibase’s position in text message service and MMS for telecommunication companies had been second to none in the previous ten years.


  • Altibase did not disappoint KT. The same amount of text and multimedia messages were transmitted at speeds 10 times faster than Oracle databases.
  • KT remained competitive in the text message service and MMS business.
  • The hardware required to operate the service was reduced by 40%.

Text Message Service

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