Text Message Gateway – SK Broadband

Altibases in-memory feature is a perfect fit to meet the SK Broadband's text message gateway requirements.

Use Case: Multimedia Message System (MMS)

Current Customers: LG Uplus, KT, SK Telecom and SK Telink

Industry: Telecommunications


SK Broadband is one of the largest providers of broadband internet in South Korea.


One business line of SK Broadband is to provide corporate clients with text message service when they send bulk messages to their clients. As the business was not highly lucrative, SK Broadband had to be careful with its spend on IT infrastructure, including databases.


SK Broadband adopted Altibase in 2011. Altibase‘s in-memory feature has been a perfect fit to meet the company’s requirements of databases.

  • When Altibase was deployed in its in-memory mode, it could deliver transaction speeds faster than any other databases that were available.
  • Performance and reliability were not an issue with Altibase. Messages were always delivered on time and in real time regardless of size.
  • Where CPU usage was a cause of concern, Altibase proved to be the most viable option as the efficiency of its in-memory feature was multiples better than traditional disk-based DBMSs, thereby reducing TCO.

SK Broadband did not invite any other database vendors for benchmark testing. It knew from the beginning that only Altibase could deliver what it wanted.


  • SK Broadband has never failed to meet the need of its corporate clients in terms of speed and quality.
  • The required hardware for service operation was cut in half. So was its TCO.

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