Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition – Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation

DOPCO switched from Oracle to Altibase to more efficiently control its SCADA systems to seamlessly handle recent and historical data in real time.

Use Case: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Current Customers: Inchon International Airport Corporation, DOPCO, and KEPCO

Industry: Manufacturing


Daehan Oil Pipeline Corporation (DOPCO) is a South Korea’s leading clean energy agency responsible for the country’s petroleum energy distribution.


  • Built on an Oracle DBMS platform, the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition’s (SCADA) central command system was unable to meet business demands. SCADA’s efficacy hinged on reliable availability of data, historical and recent, to accurately predict potential outcomes and related actions. The SCADA system could not deliver.
  • Inadequate performance: numerous terminals feeding into a single DBMS led to substantial data handling performance problems, damaging pipeline integrity. Performance degradation was prevalent.
  • High TCO: the total cost of operating and maintaining the legacy system was unmanageable.
  • Inability to accurately monitor products: since the SCADA system was unable to detect abnormalities in the pipelines, DOPCO was unable to identify oil leaks as it could not isolate where and why breakages were occurring.


DOPCO has adopted Altibase since 2010.[1] Altibase captures data abnormalities in real time with non-stop service.[2] As such, DOPCO has been able to protect its oil pipeline integrity and react with immediate leak detections.[3]


  • Real time collection and analysis of a wide array of data, including product quantity, flow rate per hour and pressure and temperature for safe transport of petroleum products
  • Real time monitoring and control of instrument and equipment status on all pump stations spanning 690 miles of pipeline
  • Enhanced revenue, profit and reputation due to better quality assurance and risk mitigation (i.e. leak and theft)
  • Subsequent deployment of Altibase at 12 additional sites[4]

[1] DOPCO deployed Altibase with a HA topology with an active-active configuration.

[2] Altibase enabled DOPCO to detect abnormalities in quantity, flow rate per hour, pressure and temperature.

[3] DOPCO received real time alerts on every meter of the pipeline. Data was dissected and analyzed to accurately pinpoint the sources of abnormalities.

[4] Altibase was deployed at 12 other energy distribution sites due to its performance abilities which enabled DOPCO to reduce its TCO while increasing revenue.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.