Short Message System service – SK Telecom

SK Telecom adopts Altibase for its real time Short Message System and has lowered its database-related TCO. SK Telecom switched to Altibase from Oracle.

Use Case: Short Message System (SMS)

Current Customers: KT and SK Telecom

Industry: Telecommunications


SK Telecom is the largest mobile service provider in South Korea with over 20 million subscribers. SK Telecom introduced the world’s first CDMA technology and was awarded for its leadership in LTE. Currently, SK Telecom is paving the way for LTE-advanced and 5G capabilities.


Built on an Oracle database back-end, SK Telecom’s wireless telephone SMS was overrun with heavy traffic and stability issues.

  • SK Telecom sought to enhance customer confidence and satisfaction by providing reliable SMS to over 20 million service users.
  • The company needed a fast database capable of processing data in real time, but its Oracle database-based SMS could not handle more than 300~500 TPS.
  • The high license and maintenance costs and low performance of Oracle databases imposed a burden on SK Telecom. SK Telecom wanted to install a database that had both low cost and high performance at the same time.


SK Telecom adopted AltibaseE into its SMS in 2012. Altibase has enabled SK Telecom to implement its real time detection, analysis and data replication to foster continued advances. Altibase’s in-memory feature has been utilized for higher throughput and lower latency. SK Telecom was fortified with performance increase of 3 times over its legacy on-disk database.


  • Data for over 20 million users could now be managed seamlessly with SMS made available 24/7.
  • Altibase’s in-memory feature minimizes disk I/O and processes data in real time very efficiently by having resident data in memory to speed up data processing. Formerly at 300~500 TPS, transaction processing capability has improved to 1,000~1,700 TPS. Maximum capacity is currently 15,000 TPS.
  • SK Telecom is now able to eliminate unnecessary expenditures and take advantage of top-quality maintenance service by incorporating Altibase. In addition, resource usage is now reduced to one third of the previous usage, yielding low TCO advantages.

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