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LOC&ALL uses Altibase's hybrid technology in its mobile navigation system for real time analysis and reliability for its in GPS applications.

Use Case: Smart Phone Navigation Application

Current Customers: LOC&ALL

Industry: Services


LOC&ALL is a leader in smartphone applications, providing solutions and services for real time Location Based Services (LBS). With years of experience in carrier and service systems, LOC&ALL provides a wide range of services from core LBS solutions to mobile applications. Specifically, LOC&ALL’s smart phone navigation application runs on iOS and Android operating systems, servicing over 4.5 million subscribers since its first launch in 2011.


Due to the rapid increase in the number of users and related demands in service quality, LOC&ALL’s navigation application faced numerous problems.

  •  LOC&ALL’s database system was strained by the growth in concurrent user sessions.
  • Data security, with personal information at the core, became a growing issue that presented an imminent need for repair.
  • LOC&ALL’s database system could not reconcile the margin of error of its LBS while providing precise location data in real time, especially for its Points of Interest (POI) services.
  • Its system needed to INSERT and DELETE a massive amount of data with immense speed and zero latency and without error, but it failed.
  • LOC&ALL was in need of a database that could manage and organize data irrespective of workload or the number of concurrent users/sessions.


LOC&ALL integrated Altibase into its mobile navigation system in 2013. Since then, LOC&ALL has been enabled to provide stable and real time navigation services with virtually no limitation on the number of users or concurrent sessions. Altibase with hybrid (in-memory + on-disk) architecture has met LOC&ALL’s needs for secure storage of volumes of personal data, user specific route preferences and extreme speed for real time traffic information, all with the backdrop of precise location based data. All user data can be restored securely through Altibase’s replication feature.


  •  LOC&ALL services its fast growing customer base with the ability to scale without issues while also being fortified by real time location based information for all users.
  •  Even at peak times with hundreds of thousands of concurrent sessions, LOC&ALL performs 250% faster than it ever had.
  •  LOC&ALL is further strengthened by unmatched data processing performance via Altibase‘s table partitioning feature.
  •  On its App market (Point of Purchase), LOC&ALL’s system can handle mass concurrent user logon attempts while identifying and processing purchase behavior in real time. As a result, LOC&ALL maximizes its strengths and identifies critical features to increase sales and conversions.
  •  Altibase’s built-in replication and built-in security features provide LOC&ALL’s customers with absolute personal identity security and, ultimately, peace of mind.

Smart Phone Navigation Application

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