Smart Wallet Application – SK Planet

SK Planet adopts Altibase for its smart wallet beta service.

Use Case: Smart Wallet

Current Customers: SK Planet

Industry: Services


SK Planet, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, is Korea’s largest mobile content provider engaged in mobile app stores, mobile maps, online music services and social network services.


SK Planet adopted open source databases when it opened its smart wallet beta service in late 2000. The main motive for the adoption was that SK Planet did not have to pay any licensing costs for the databases. However, the result was disastrous.

  • Its system went down whenever there was an increase in the number of concurrent users.
  • SK Planet had nobody to rely on or call for technical support. SK Planet concluded that open source databases were not an option at all as enterprise solutions.
  • The company incurred no upfront license cost, but those databases continued to pose product stability and support issues. In addition, they lacked many key features SK Planet required (i.e. scalability and disaster recovery in times of system failure).
  • Its TCO ended up spiraling out of control.


SK Planet did not hesitate to adopt Altibase in 2010: it knew Altibase was a trusted name in terms of reliability, feature-rich functions, performance and support. No other database vendors were invited for benchmark testing. The relationship between Altibase and SK Telecom goes back to 2002, when it adopted Altibase v3 for its Real Time Rating System.


  • Since 2011, SK Planet has been enabled to stabilize its smart wallet service regardless of the number concurrent users. Without Altibase‘s hybrid architecture, the service would not have been possible.
  •  CPU utilization has been reduced by over 50% compared to open source databases.
  •  Its service speed has increased to 700 TPS from 100 TPS that would have been the case with open source databases.
  •  SK Planet now can always rely on Altibase support 24/7.

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