Retail Tagging System – A Japanese Garment Company

Learn about how a Japanese garment company adopted Altibase’s hybrid technology to use information, without having to overpay for its database.

Use Case: Online Logistics

Current Customers: A Japanese Garment Company

Industry: Services


The company is a Specialty Store Retailer of Private Label Apparel (SPA) located in Japan. It has numerous stores in major cities throughout the world.


The company was in need of a DBMS that can store image data and distribute it to its stores in real time.

  •  To store and transmit image requires databases with high performance on vast volume data as images are large object data.
  •  Sharing images with its stores in real time was a key to the company’s success for fast retailing.
  •  The company decided that Oracle databases could not provide the performance necessary for proper operations and also were way too expensive for its budget.


The company adopted Altibase in 2009. Altibase‘s hybrid (in-memory and on-disk) architecture was a perfect fit for the company’s database requirements. It was possible for its headquarters to store and transmit image to its stores in real time, which led to the ability to remain competitive against other leading SPAs. Thus, geographical proximity no longer was an issue for the company because real time replication over TCP/IP on a global basis became possible with Altibase regardless of server location.


  • TCO went down by over 50%. Particularly, the company did not need to purchase separate SW/HW to ensure HA as Altibase has a built-in feature for data replication whereas Oracle’s corresponding solutions are very expensive.
  •  Lead time was significantly reduced, providing the company with the ability to stay current with its clients’ needs and responding to their purchase habits

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