Refurbishment – Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics adopts Altibase for refurbishment system. Altibase replaced Oracle.

Use Case: Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Current Customers: Samsung Electronics, POSCO and SeAh Besteel

Industry: Manufacturing


Samsung Electronics is a global player in manufacturing various electronics products ranging from semiconductors and home appliances to smartphones.


Samsung Electronics has set up factories to produce refurbished products. The factories are meant for refurbishing unused customer returns or defective products returned under warranty. Consequently, keeping manufacturing/operation costs as low as possible is the key to successful refurbishment.

For Samsung Electronics, databases comprise one of the largest and the most expensive segments of the enterprise software landscape and over 50% of the cost of its total application stack. And Samsung Electronics had found Oracle databases onerously expensive. Its license costs are too high. So are its maintenance fees that Samsung Electronics has to pay subsequently.


Samsung Electronics conducted a series of intensive benchmark tests to look for an alternative to Oracle. The company finally chose Altibase in 2018. From its past experience of deploying Altibase, Samsung Electronics had no doubt as to Altibase’s product maturity, functionality and reliability. In addition, Altibase has its own unique advantage compared to Oracle: Altibase’s hybrid architecture allows for utilization of memory tables for high performance and disk tables for economical storage and consequently eliminates the need for Samsung Electronics to purchase an in-memory database and an on-disk database separately, further lowering total cost of ownership.


  • Altibase’s in-memory capabilities and advanced query optimization techniques provide Samsung Electronics with high performing data processing speed which is mandatory for its MES with high throughput requirements.
  • Utilizing Altibase’s Migration Center, it was easy to convert complex Oracle procedures to Altibase procedures, and the migration from Oracle to Altibase was easy and straightforward.
  • Altibase reduces hardware costs as its in-memory capabilities allow for better performance on equivalent servers and hardware than disk-resident databases such as Oracle.
  • High availability was achieved by reconfiguring with Altibase’s shared-nothing replication.
  • Altibase’s replication replaced enormously expensive Oracle’s Real Application Cluster (RAC), eliminating the need to deploy an unnecessary 3rd party redundancy solution. The result is lower total cost of ownership.
  • Samsung Electronics made the most of Altibase’s scalar subquery caching technique. Using the technique, it could enhance the performance by over 100% as its scalar subqueries have relatively smaller number of distinct values (NDV).

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.

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