Real Time Traffic Information Service – Tmap

Tmap needed a database with real time traffic information. Learn about how Tmap integrated Altibase and has become the leader in navigation.

Use Case: Real time Traffic Information Service

Current Customers: Tmap of SK Planet

Industry: Services


Tmap of SK Planet is a location-based service provider with over 15 million subscribers. Tmap offers a wide range of navigation services that include, but are not limited to, finding the quickest route to destinations based on real time traffic information and providing real time mass-transit information, as well as circulating information on taxi services.


Tmap needed a real time database solution to create and maintain competitive advantages. Customers expected Tmap to provide real time information on the quickest route to destinations based on real time traffic information. Tmap’s existing databases were not able to collect and process real time traffic information and disseminate that information to the growing number of users.

  •  Tmap had utilized a well-known open source database solution, but quickly discovered that it could not deliver real time information.
  •  Customer satisfaction dwindled.
  •  Tmap’s open source databases could not handle swelling data loads as their performance speed slowed down substantially with incremental data growth.
  •  Tmap suffered from high TCO, high maintenance costs and ultimately painful migrate-out costs.


Tmap adopted Altibase in 2011. Since then, Altibase has been utilized for its real time traffic information service. Altibase’s in-memory feature delivers high processing performance for trace analysis and traffic information collection for Tmap. Altibase has enabled Tmap to meet and exceed its customers’ needs, and Tmap is now the leader in the navigation field.


  • Altibase in-memory feature enables Tmap to collect and process traffic data and provide real time service to its customers.
  • Tmap is now servicing its customers with real time traffic information, which can process over 500 TPS at increased speed by 250% as compared to Tmap’s prior open source databases.
  • Altibase provides Tmap with a robust database that does not falter with increasing workloads.
  • Tmap’s TCO is significantly lower as Altibase’s CPU usage only utilizes 20% of system capacity.
  • Altibase helps Tmap to enhance its customer satisfaction while increasing the number of users.

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