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Sportstoto utilizes Altibase to deal with the geometric rise in online gaming and respective strains on data processing. Altibase provides Sportstoto with scalability and real time data processing.

Use Case: Betting

Current Customers: Sportstoto

Industry: Services


Sportstoto is a government-regulated consignee of South Korea’s sports betting industry. Its primary mission is to create funding solutions to promote and evangelize Korean sports. It is headed by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation and is regulated by the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism.


The popularity of sanctioned sports betting has grown geometrically since its origin in 1997. With the growth and parallel strains on IT, Sportstoto quickly realized the limitations of its on-disk DBMS. New subscribers demanded greater functionality and a more robust selection of gaming choices.

  • The overloaded, inflexible DBMS disallowed Sportstoto’s personnel to manage or maintain the system efficiently.
  •  Sportstoto was plagued with service interruptions, leaving users frustrated and in the dark.
  •  The planned release of significantly more sophisticated games with greater than 400% increases in transaction load met grave uncertainty.[1]


Sportstoto has deployed Altibase since 2007. Altibase’s built-in HA, replication and hybrid capability has allowed Sportstoto to provide uninterrupted gaming services. Sportstoto has realized lower TCO and the ability to scale its operations.


  • Average processing speed: 6.28% faster (1,000 TPS)
  • Game information retrieval: 7.34 times faster
  • User statistics retrieval: 7.89 times faster
  • Refunding: 4.13 times faster
  • Issuing betting tickets: 5.75 times faster
  • Sportstoto has reduced its spending significantly by storing and utilizing 2 TB of historical gaming data on-disk with Altibase’s hybrid feature.
  • By eliminating the need to utilize a supplemental on-disk DBMS to support its historical data, Sportstoto was able to increase its resource efficiency by 54%, marking a reduction in application processes from 200 to 130.
  • Sportstoto’s objectives and efficacy remain well-positioned and without impediment.



[1] Sportstoto was positioned to release its new marquis game, Proto. It was a complex, fixed odds game with multiple underlying permutations.


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