Public Safety LTE – Ministry of the Interior and Safety

Altibase is chosen for MOIS’s Public Safety LTE for its reliability and resilience.

Use Case: Public Safety LTE

Current Customers: Ministry of the Interior and Safety

Industry: Public


The Ministry of the Interior and Safety (MOIS) is a branch of the Government of South Korea. It is responsible for national administration, management of government organizations, and e-government. Furthermore, it supports local governments in terms of local administration, finance, and regional development to promote greater local autonomy.


An optimized Public Safety LTE network should be able to carry out its mission without fail and interruption for the public community and members. In addition, interoperability among agencies and secure transmissions are critical to an effective coordinated response. MOIS was looking for a database which could meet these requirements.

  • Until very recently, agencies used to deploy various individual wireless communication networks (TRS, VHF/UHF, etc.), so it was difficult to protect disaster response time, or golden time, because communication between agencies could not be coordinated in the event of a disaster. A ferry, which sank in April 2014, left more than 300 people dead or missing. The failure by multiple agencies to communicate and rescue survivors spurred discussion of the construction of a wireless communications network for national disasters.
  • MOIS wanted to extend recovery network more effectively so that first responders could instantly access videos, photos, maps and more.
  • MOIS wanted to access disaster monitoring and facility management as well as rescue activities in real time by adopting IoT technologies for public network connecting IoT terminals with low power and wireless communications. As a result, public safety personnel could have a unified picture of what is unfolding.
  • MOIS wanted the infrastructure to support narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT), D2D Communication, evolved multimedia broadcast multicase service (eMBMS), isolated operation for public safety (IOPS) and mobile base station for better management of emergency situations.


  •  A deciding factor in MOIS’s choice of Altibase is that Altibase is a reliable and time-tested database as evidenced by its quality reference customer base which includes numerous global enterprises (650+). Altibase’s 20 years’ experience in dealing with mega telcos such as AT&T, Samsung Electronics, Ericsson, China Telecom, Korea Telecom, etc. was another pivotal factor.
  • Altibase’s in-memory capabilities allow for extremely high throughput and low latency so that uninterrupted and real-time service is possible.
  • Altibase provides replication so that uninterrupted quality service is guaranteed through its stand-by server when active servers fail to function.
  • Altibase’s replication function supports duplex configuration between remote DBMS nodes, thus enabling real-time data synchronization between remote communication devices.


  •  MOIS has been enabled to provide its Public Safety LTE network that could be effective secured and reliably maintained even in extreme environments such as rugged mountainous terrain, data explosions and loss of digital units/base stations.
  • Effective communication services can be provided where data traffic is highly concentrated or reception is poor.
  • MOIS is now equipped with real-time surveillance video, high-resolution photos, bi-directional vehicular video and dynamic mapping and routing.

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