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Hoa Soft adopts Altibase to enable TOPS to process vast inflows of orders in real time. Altibase's replication was instrumental in lowering TCO as Hoa stopped using Oracle RAC.

Use Case: Proprietary Trading Desk

Current Customers: Tongyang Securities (now Yuanta Securities), Shinhan Investment & Securities, and LIG Investment and Securities

Industry: Finance


Hoa Soft is a leading independent software vendor (ISV) that specializes in financial security solutions. Hoa Soft’s TOPS (a system for proprietary trading desk – prop desk) supports traders who manage the assets of many of the largest global securities firms.


Hoa Soft’s order processing stalled when large volumes of orders flooded its TOPS solution.

  • Performance threshold of Hoa Soft’s system using an on-disk DBMS was reached when TOPS’s automatic system trading kicked in. Prop desks had no choice but to place missed trades manually.
  • Hoa Soft was in need of a low cost HA solution that could substitute Oracle’s Real Application Cluster (RAC).
  • Oracle’s high TCO quickly disallowed it as a viable option.
  • Exacerbating Hoa Soft’s issues were system resource shortages in its server system. The on-disk DBMS drained any available CPU resources.


Hoa Soft has adopted Altibase enabling TOPS to process vast inflows of orders in real time since 2011. With no additional special hardware, Altibase solved Hoa Soft’s need for low TCO, HA and low system resource drain.


  • Hoa Soft’s TOPS is able to process all orders with extreme speed.[1] Automatic orders based on system trading are processed without bottleneck or conflict with manually placed orders.
  • Hoa Soft’s superior performance and flexibility come with the added benefit of low system resource usage.
  • Hoa Soft maintains competitive pricing attributable to low TCO, a direct byproduct of Altibase Replication, rendering Oracle RAC obsolete.
  • Hoa Soft’s TOPS is an effective software solution while being affordable to end-users.
  • Hoa Soft has acquired 21 new global customers (leading prop desks) subsequent to embedding Altibase in 2005.[2]


[1] Hoa Soft tested the performance of Altibase vs. Oracle at a top securities firm. The results: Altibase completed the test in an average of 6 minutes 8 seconds while Oracle finished the test in an average of 34 minutes 47 seconds.
[2] Hoa Soft’ representative customers include but are not limited to E*TRADE, Hyundai Securities and Daewoo Securities.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.