Policy Charging and Rules Function Service – SK Telecom

SK Telecom utilizes Altibase’s hybrid architecture to create Policy Charging and Rules Function service to handle the complexities of real time policy.

Use Case: Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) service

Current Customers: SK Telecom

Industry: Telecommunications


SK Telecom is the largest mobile service provider in South Korea with over 26 million subscribers. SK Telecom introduced the world’s first CDMA technology and was awarded for its leadership in LTE. Currently, SK Telecom is paving the way for LTE-advanced and 5G capabilities.


SK Telecom needed to create a robust PCRF service that could handle the inherent complexities of real time policy rules and all associated roles in next generation networks.

  • SK Telecom sought a solution that could easily cope with rapid growths in subscribers for its multimedia network.
  • The company was transitioning to an all-IP communications platform which then presented growing data management strains.
  • The company required its PCRF node to process multiple layers including Quality of Service, Deep Packet Inspection, subscriber management, charging and other customized functions in real time.
  • Since the company’s data load included all IP-based voice, audio and video, coupled with the increasing data strains of its premium services (i.e. VoLTE), it sought a comprehensive, highly flexible and proven database solution.
  • The ideal database solution would possess real time billing and seamless access to daily package and service options while supporting the high demands of PCRF core requirements.


The company has adopted Altibase for its PCRF service since 2010. Altibase‘s hybrid architecture has satisfied all of the compulsory requirements of standard PCRF functionality with a foundation to effortlessly handle rising numbers of subscribers and increasingly complex network architectures. In particular, its DB usage has become more efficient by storing less frequently used (cold) data on-disk while more frequently used (hot) data is stored and manipulated in memory.


  • Altibase’s hybrid architecture provides the company with uninterrupted, real time PCRF.
  • The company currently handles 200 million transactions per day with the ability to scale further (12,000 calls per second).
  • The company has the capability to control online as well as offline charging which has resulted in new revenue streams.
  • The company is fortified with the ability to utilize Altibase’s hybrid architecture for static and dynamic rules and policy implementation.
  •  The company no longer has a database-related bottleneck for its emerging technologies and premium services.
  •  The company has 5 nines HA with active-active configuration.

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