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Altibase enables KISA to provide fast and reliable performance for its i-PIN identification service.

Use Case: i-pin

Current Customers: KISA

Industry: Public


Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) is an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning in South Korea.


KISA wanted to have a high performing database when it embarked on developing its i-PIN identification service in 2009. The i-PIN identification service is an online identification system which can be used in place of a social security number. The service requires constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure that it works 24/7 with unfaltering security.

  • Given the nature of its service, KISA required a proven technology.
  • Its minimum requirement was to provide the identification service in real time for 6 million users.
  • KISA tested various disk DBMSs. All of them turned out to be unable to handle its minimum requirement of 200,000 simultaneous logon attempts at any given time.


KISA has adopted Altibase since 2009 for its i-PIN identification service. Altibase’s years of experience and proven track record of high customer satisfaction, along with its reputation for hybrid technology, fault-tolerance and superior support have been important considerations in KISA’s choice. KISA concluded that Altibase was the only option available to meet its database requirements.


  • Thanks to Altibase, KISA is now able to handle more than 200,000 simultaneous logon attempts.
  • Altibase enables KISA to service as many as 100 million users in real time.
  • KISA has never experienced system downtime with Altibase.
  • Altibase has assured KISA of 24/7 reliable service.

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