National Spatial Data Infrastructure – Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

MLTM uses Altibase for its Geospatial Information System (GIS), allowing both public and private sectors to navigate freely and efficiently.

Use Case: National Spatial Data Infrastructure

Current Customers: National Spacial Center

Industry: Public


The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) is responsible for maintaining a comprehensive transportation and logistics network in South Korea. Additional oversight includes spatial information systems for geographic information system support and other related functions.


The spatial information systems for utility providers and other regional and governmental departments were fragmented. Integration and interconnectivity were nearly impossible.

  • Lacking a single interface and corresponding integration, data access was constrained. As a result, essential data which included spatial information was not available.
  • Furthering the ineffectiveness, the existing spatial data was duplicated across multiple systems. The redundancy wasted storage space and created inconsistency.
  • The independent systems, with their data overlap, drove operating expenses up without merit.


MLTM adopts Altibase with hybrid architecture to serve as a single system, integrating all information systems into one.[1] Information flows freely from the municipal and regional level down to districts, cities and provinces with ease.


  • MLTM is empowered with a system architecture that has functionality similar to Google Earth.
  • Additionally, MLTM has the ability to tap into aboveground and underground data 24/7.
  • The system integrates 114 unique, spatial information databases into one, leveraging non-redundant data of numerous government agencies across the country.
  • With the utility and ease of standardized spatial SQL, MLTM is now able to advance application development based on Altibase’s integrated system.
  • Data management is extremely manageable, which facilitates data consistency, system reliability and overall stability.
  • Altibase has given MLTM a comprehensive solution while slashing TCO.


[1] The new system is accessed by various government agencies including the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, regional and municipal government organizations, academic and research organizations and the general public.


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