Munitions Information System – Korea Institute of Defense Analysis

KIDA switched from Oracle to Altibase for its munitions deployment dispatchers, strengthening national defense ability while lowering CPU resources and TCO.

Use Case: Munitions Information System

Current Customers: KIDA

Industry: Public


Korea Institute for Defense Analyses (KIDA) manages information systems for South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense. Responsible for all munitions inventory and related military capabilities. KIDA must be fail-safe for South Korea’s armed forces.


Built on an Oracle DBMS, KIDA’s client-server system did not meet its needs. Three crucial elements could not be reconciled.

  • Inadequate performance: information on munitions inventories was neither current nor accurate. The resulting communication between soldiers was oftentimes erroneous.
  • High TCO: the total cost of operating and maintaining the existing system was unmanageable and onerous.
  • Incompetent technical support: KIDA technicians were stonewalled by Oracle’s technical support. Notwithstanding deployment issues and unfulfilled assurances, KIDA could not elicit straight answers from the support staff for problems with ongoing systemic issues.


KIDA chose to replace its client-server system with a Java based web application coupled with Altibase in in-memory mode in 2008. Currently, Altibase is utilized to duplicate data on separate servers using Altibase’s active-standby replication so that the potential downtime is thwarted.[1]

KIDA decided on Altibase over Oracle TimesTen for three primary reasons.[2]

  • Altibase benchmark test results grossly outperformed those of Oracle TimesTen.
  • Altibase’s best-in-class technical support
  • Significantly lower TCO


  • Superior speed, reliability and stability fortify KIDA’s mission critical responsibilities. With 1,500 simultaneously connected sessions, efficiency is maximized, utilizing 25% less CPU usage.
  • South Korea’s armed forces are now equipped with accurate munitions information.
  • KIDA leverages Altibase’s technical support, benefiting from rapid response time and effectual information exchange.

Munitions Information System

[1] Altibase resides on two identical HP superdome servers running HP-UX OS. Each server had 58 * 1.6GHz cores, 128GB RAM and 3TB on-disk space

[2] Altibase, with its server configuration, is capable of effortlessly loading 5 years of KIDA’s entire data into memory. As a result, KIDA can process virtually everything it needs in memory with no need to read from or write to disk. The outcome is incomparable performance enhancement

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.