Mobile User Authentication System – Korea Telecom

KT switched from other open source database to Altibase for its wired and wireless IT services for Altibase's product maturity, strong functionality, high scalability and industry leading support availability.

Use Case: Mobile User Authentication System

Current Customers: KT

Industry: Telecommunications


Korea Telecom (KT) is South Korea’s largest telecommunication service provider with 40 million users. With deep wired and wireless expertise, KT has tremendous strength in fiber optics, digital multimedia services and both wired and wireless broadband services.


KT had adopted an open source database for its wired and wireless IT services until 2014. However, the company was unable to provide stable services due to product immaturity and poor technical support of the open source databases. Even before KT could serve any users, the company was at a standstill in development.

  • KT often encountered critical errors that led to data loss.
  • When problems occurred, KT was not able to get immediate technical support. In addition, KT had
    difficulty in finding relevant information to resolve its problems.
  • The open source database neither supported full SQL92 nor provided patches for bugs promptly.
  • The database’s inability to provide disaster recovery and HA features was another cause for concern.
  • The database failed to provide many key features and functions (i.e. vertical and horizontal scalability) that KT wanted.


KT adopted Altibase for its “User Authentication System in Mobile” in 2014. KT switched to Altibase after its use of open source databases proved to be of little value. Korea Telecom chose Altibase over open source databases for its mobile user authentication system.


KT can now serve more than 30,000 concurrent users in real time.

  • KT’s worries are now mitigated by Altibase which provides 24/7 best-in-class technical support.
  • KT has subsequently agreed to adopt Altibase for other mission critical services such as its Business Support System.

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