Manufacturing Execution System – POSCO

POSCO chooses Altibase over Oracle for its MES and lowers database-related TCO by over 60%.

Use Case: Manufacturing Execution System

Current Customers: Samsung Electronics, POSCO and SeAh

Industry: Manufacturing


POSCO is a global leader in steel manufacturing. POSCO is a Fortune Global 500 company.


POSCO was in need of upgrading IT infrastructure for its aging blast furnaces.

  • POSCO needed to improve the stability and performance of its blast furnace management system to produce high quality light and high-strength steel plates.
  • POSCO needed to obtain, analyze and detect data related to any flaws of inner linings of blast furnaces in real time.
  • POSCO is in the process of adopting more intelligent and dynamic “smart factory” technologies to gain or retain its competitive advantages in the global steel manufacturing market. The upgrade of the blast furnaces to lengthen their longevity is part of the process.
  • POSCO understood that databases would play an integral role in the automation and self-optimization. POSCO needed databases that could provide high performance, high functionality and reliability for its various mission critical applications.
  • However, there was growing concern over skyrocketing IT-related budget pressure, and the database related costs were always a great cause for concern.


POSCO adopted Altibase in 2018. Originally, POSCO considered the deployment of file base, but soon realized that it would not take the place of databases for performance and reliability. POSCO was to decide between Oracle, Oracle TimesTen and Altibase. Oracle and Oracle TimesTen were dropped in the final runoff mainly due to cost/benefit issues. POSCO turned to Altibase which could provide performance and reliability comparable to Oracle and Oracle TimesTen at a fraction of their cost.

Besides the cost issue, POSCO considered other factors:

  • POSCO required a database that could handle over 100,000 transactions per second with response rates measured in microseconds. Altibase’s in-memory capabilities met this standard with ease.
  • With Altibase’s all-in-one hybrid technology, POSCO’s data could be stored and manipulated in main memory alone, on physical disk alone or combination of both. Consequently, POSCO did not need to purchase a disk-resident database separately to store and manipulate historical and less frequently used data.
  • Altibase’s built-in replication features could provide POSCO with peace of mind and accountability even in the unexpected failure of its master servers.
  • POSCO’s applications are built on relational databases, which eliminates the need to make any radical architectural changes to existing applications in adopting other relational databases. And POSCO’s existing DBAs found it easy to learn and adopt Altibase.
  • POSCO utilized Migration Center, a free utility that Altibase provides to migrate various data objects from Oracle to Altibase so that 100% data integrity and consistency could be ensured.
  • The fact that Altibase is now open source helped POSCO decide on Altibase. POSCO recognized that Altibase could lower POSCO’s total cost of ownership  further by virtue of low costs associated with open source databases for POSCO’s future database adoption.


  • POSCO is provided with real time collection of data such as temperatures, gas pressure and any leakage of inner linings of blast furnaces and can act on any flaws more promptly.
  • Altibase’s installation took only three months: two months for application development and one month for performance tuning.
  • The migration from Oracle to Altibase was easy and straightforward thanks to Migration Center.
  • Altibase’s ODBC/JDBC drivers allow for hassle-free integration with various applications provided by other vendors.
  • Altibase provides its unique parallel receiver apply technique which is designed to allow for enhanced performance of replication. The technique further improved its replication in comparison to Oracle and Oracle TimesTen.
  • POSCO could lower its database related TCO by over 60%.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.

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