LTE EPC Equipment – A Global Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturer

A global telecommunication equipment manufacturer embeds Altibase into its equipment to exceed its minimum 4,000 calls per second requirements.

Use Case: Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

Current Customers: SK Telecom and LG Uplus

Industry: Telecommunications


The company is a global Asia-based telecommunication equipment manufacturer that specializes in Long Term Evolution (LTE) Evolved Packet Core (EPC) equipment.


The company was several years behind the competition in development of 4G equipment and needed to close the gap. Furthermore, the company had difficulties in handling the transaction speed of 4G LTE upgraded data and associated service quality issues.

  • The company needed a database that could process 4,000 calls per second. Traditional on-disk databases simply could not fulfill this prerequisite.
  • The company attempted to develop an in-house data processing module, but this caused internal complications and undue delays. The company sought a commercial database that was standards compliant with an easy-to-use interface for quick and trouble-free deployment and use.


The company has adopted and embedded Altibase into its 4G LTE/EPC equipment since 2010. Altibase’s standard interface and standards compliance substantially shortened development time. Altibase’s in-memory feature and built-in replication enabled the company to meet its transaction speed and HA requirements.


  • The company has gained and retained its competitive advantages and strengthened its reputation as a leading global telecommunication equipment provider.
  • The company has been the major provider of EPC equipment to top telecommunications companies since 2011.
  • The company has been instrumental in creating the first 4G LTE service in Korea.
  • Altibase helped the company lower its equipment cost by lowering spend and TCO.
  • Altibase provided the company with 4,000 calls per second, efficient manufacturing and best-in-class reliability.

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