A Leading Consulting Company

A leading advisory and consulting firm utilizes Altibase for high performing data processing ability and hybrid architecture.

Use Case: Big Data

Industry: Others


The company is a leader in professional advisory and consulting. It specializes in consulting, actuarial advisory, assurance and tax services.


The company did not possess a database solution that could handle the demand of its growing Data & Analytics (D&A) services. The company faced the challenge of finding a solution for its clients with real time data processing and high performance.

  • The company wanted a database solution that could handle both current and historical data quickly and easily.
  • The solution had several critical prerequisites: high performance, easy-to-use interface and features that could seamlessly handle data transfer between big data and the database itself.
  • For its global operations, the company required an easy-to-deploy, feature-rich database that could address the rigors of enterprise demands while also being flexible and efficient.
  • The company’s goal was to deploy a software solution that would work within the confinements of its current hardware infrastructure.


The company found a solution with Altibase’s hybrid architecture in 2014. Altibase currently provides the company with high performing data processing and hybrid database features in a unified solution.


  • The company is now able to effectively meet all high performance database requirements.
  • Altibase Hadoop connector satisfied the company’s big data transfer requirements.
  • Since Altibase is a traditional relational database that supports all common interfaces while being SQL standards compliant, the implementation has been easy and has met its relational database requirements.
  • The company’s data management systems for D&A have been optimized. Altibase’s hybrid architecture allows the company to keep large, historical data on disk tables while addressing current, frequently used data on memory tables.
  • The company leverages Altibase’s ability to work on virtually all commodity platforms and operating systems.

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