Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service

KCOMWEL switched from Sybase to Altibase for all of its core services, fortifying it with real time legislative controls, accounting and analytics.

Use Case: Compensation & Welfare Service

Current Customers: KCOMWEL

Industry: Public


Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service (KCOMWEL) is a South Korea’s leading government agency responsible for administering a wide array of social security and labor welfare services.


KCOMWEL, with its legacy DBMS, suffered from an inability to maintain efficacy given the intrinsic limitations of its core information system. Since all of KCOMWEL’s processing, accounting, analytical tasks and internet services were conjoined, stress and failures became abundant. Three dire areas that necessitated an immediate overhaul were:

  • Inability to adapt to changes in legislation: government regulations change constantly. For a typical year alone, 64 changes were attributable to just a few arms of government. Since dynamic changes in regulations could not be reflected in KCOMWEL’s system, its primary role to act and react for its constituents had been compromised. With no clear solution in sight, KCOMWEL’s operations became increasingly mired and ineffectual.
  • System obsolescence: as a direct result of grasping blindly for performance solutions, KCOMWEL’s system infrastructure found itself with grave limitations. Fundamental hardware was saturated and unresponsive.
  • Improper allocation of system resources: KCOMWEL’s analytics and large batch accounting tasks comingled with unrelated processes on its online system requiring real time responses became greatly inefficient. The resulting disarray was a massive degradation of speed and ancillary resources.


KCOMWEL has adopted Altibase since 2010. Altibase’s hybrid technology and its respective functionality has allowed KCOMWEL to centralize all operations into a single DBMS.[1] Applications, fee-collection, treatment and compensation reside together without conflict, marrying speed and size. Furthermore, Altibase’s flexibility seamlessly supports instantaneous response to changes in legislation.

To reinforce efficiency and reliability, KCOMWEL preemptively utilized a second Altibase, segregating its batch accounting and analytical tasks from daily online operations. The performance problem was extinguished as the accounting and analytics operated at the second replicated Altibase.


  • The inadequacy caused by stale, unusable data and simultaneous performance failure is greatly mitigated.
  • KCOMWEL is continuously positioned to respond to all changes in legislation in real time.
  • KCOMWEL is armed to analyze and utilize its database to prepare for future changes in legislation.
  • KCOMWEL’s operations are continuously fast and stable. Batch accounting and analytical tasks are no longer an issue.
  • KCOMWEL now focuses solely on its core tasks, creating solutions for social security and labor welfare.



[1] The KCOMWEL database is massive: it consists of 2,300 tables containing roughly 5.5 terabytes of data with 600 gigabytes RAM for fast access. The extreme load on this system requires a high performance DBMS and hardware. KCOMWEL deployed Altibase’s hybrid technology (in-memory and on-disk) on a 160-core HP Superdome server.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.