Data Management Platform- Korea Airports Corporation

Korea Airports Corporation adopts Altibase for its big data platform harnessing various IoT technologies.

Use Case: Big Data Platform

Current Customers: Korea Airports Corporation

Industry: Public


Korea Airports Corporation(KAC) carries out construction, management and operation of airports and manages and controls airport traffic. It manages and operates total of 14 airports in Korea.


KAC has developed a big data platform through various IoT technologies to improve the efficacy of collecting and analyzing of data such as passenger and airport flow. However, its legacy DBMSs failed to suit the requirements.

  • The legacy DBMSs did not meet the throughput requirement, a minimum of 100,000 transactions per second, on the platform, particularly in storing and manipulating formal data. As a result, the whole system fell into arrears.
  • KAC is inundated with a huge amount of data influx from its 14 airports. The legacy DBMSs simply lacked in data storage processing performance.
  • Even mere seconds of downtime with DBMSs cannot be tolerated with KAC, which could lead to fatal casualties, not to mention lost revenues and reputation. Consequently, an extremely high level of stability is required of its DBMSs.
  • The new DBMS should be compatible and interoperable with other core systems of Hadoop and the platform as well.


KAC conducted a number of BMTs and eventually chose Altibase over Oracle. Altibase’s product stability, high performance functionality and hybrid architecture were the main reasons for the choice.

  • Altibase’s 19 years’ accumulated knowhow in the field of MES and experience in storage and analysis of big data gained high scores.
  • KAC needed Altibase’s cutting-edge in-memory capabilities which allowed for high throughput and low latency, particularly high processing performance of big data.
  • High performance was a requisite in the use of UI/UX
  • KAC’s zero tolerance of database downtime was met by Altibase.
  • Altibase’s track record of interoperability and compatibility with Hadoop and its ability to process big data and provide various visualization solutions was another positive factor.


  • With Altibase, KAC is now able to collect and analyze big data (i.e. flight status) in real time.
  • With the introduction of the big data platform, KAC is now able to anticipate airport congestion, improve passenger convenience and safety and more efficiently operate airport resources.
  • KAC is now enabled to offer new passenger services. With cooperation with mobile service providers, KAC provides the shortest routes from their departing points to their airports to avoid heavy traffic

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