Integrated Information System – Seokyeong University

Seokyeong University utilizes Altibase to solve problems related to concurrent logon attempts and e-learning.

Use Case: University Information Management System

Current Customers: SeoKyeong University

Industry: Public


Seokyeong University is one of the largest private universities in South Korea.


Seokyoung University’s legacy Oracle databases had numerous problems.

  • Its system became slow and could not function properly because Oracle databases could not handle concurrent logon attempts when they exceeded a certain number. Many students log on the university’s e-library to study and obtain information. They became frustrated when they failed to log on or became disconnected. E-library is an extremely important, useful and heavily utilized service for students.
  • The university’s e-learning classes did not function properly either. Oracle databases could not handle authentications when they exceeded a certain number. Many students ended up missing classes inadvertently.
  • Data exchange between its main system and subsystems was not executed well because Oracle databases could not handle large volumes of data with heavy workload, causing a substantial burden on the main system.


Altibase has been adopted since 2008, and its hybrid (in-memory and on-disk) capabilities have been able to resolve all the database-related problems of the university.


  • Altibase consolidated and integrated all portals and Single Sign On (SSO) services into a single database.
  • The number of servers required to provide service was cut in half.
  • Real time distribution and synchronization of data between the main system and the subsystems has been possible.
  • Logon attempts for e-library and e-learning have never failed since the switch.

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