Integrated Billing – The World’s Largest Mobile Telecommunications Provider

Altibase’s hybrid architecture enabled the world’s largest mobile telecommunications provider to implement real time, precise and reliable billing services.

Use Case: OSS/BSS

Current Customers: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, KT, SK Telecom and LG Uplus

Industry: Telecommunications


The company, the top telecommunications provider in China, is a pioneer in next generation integrated billing solutions. The company is one of the first to launch a commercial 3G and 4G service using personal communication service technology. The company is the world’s largest mobile phone operator by total number of subscribers with over 900 million subscribers.


The company’s billing system did not perform as it was designed and was plagued with operational deficiencies. The system suffered from:

  • Inability to effectively integrate billing for different services and policies: the company was unable to simultaneously execute its essential integrated billing at the customer access level.
  • Inability for customers to accurately check billing balances: because of stale data, customers did not receive correct balance information, which prevented reliable payment execution.
  • Inability to provide stable service: high traffic volume and resulting bottlenecks caused widespread inaccessibility to billing information for many customers.


The company has adopted Altibase for its hybrid architecture into its next generation integrated billing solutions since 2011. The multi-level performance increase has allowed for further scale and development of even more complex services. The company takes full advantage of Altibase’s hybrid architecture by storing cold data on disk when data became stale and less frequently used. The burden on its DB resultantly has become lighter as it stores only hot data in memory.


  • The new system provides customers with real time access to accurate billing information.
  • The company reduced TCO while rectifying performance shortcomings and injecting reliability and stability.
  • With processing delays eliminated, customers are provided with real time access to mobile plans and services.
  • 280% increase in transaction processing performance.[1]
  •  System resource usage has diminished by 84% thanks to Altibase’s hybrid feature.[2]


[1] Transactions increased from 700 million to 1.96 billion.
[2] Prior to the implementation, the billing system utilized 99% of system resources. Post implementation, the billing system now utilizes only 15% of the system resources.

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