OpenMCM – Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard chose to embed Altibase into its Application Performance Monitoring system after Oracle TimesTen’s POC came in 2x slower and resulted in data loss.

Use Case: Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Current Customers: Hana Bank, KB, Shinhan Insurance, Hana SK Card, Samsung Card, Daishin Securities, Shinhan Life Insurance, Korea Investment & Securities, and Shinhan Bank

Industry: Finance


Hewlett Packard (HP) provides comprehensive IT solutions to enterprise clients worldwide. HP OpenMCM is a wholly unique application performance monitoring (APM) system developed by HP. It is able to monitor and trace operational statuses of end-to-end transactions in real time.


HP had been confronted with a performance bottleneck. HP’s solution encompassed the following three major areas that needed real time speed:

  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Marketing Communication Management System
  • Mission Critical Management System

The requirements for an effective solution to couple extreme speed with large data storage were unprecedented. HP could not resolve its contradictory needs while designing and developing its OpenMCM APM system. The situation was dire, and HP nearly shelved the project.

  • HP’s OpenMCM data processing requirement was a minimum of 30,000 TPS.
  • HP’s first trial, utilizing a traditional on-disk DBMS, yielded disappointingly low TPS.
  • HP then tested Oracle TimesTen which produced better performance, but still fell short of the mark with only 20,000 TPS.
  • Additional challenges existed as Oracle TimesTen could not solve HP OpenMCM’s data storage needs. TCO also presented a massive hurdle. System memory limitations of an in-memory only DBMS necessitated the purchase of supplemental on-disk DBMSs.
  • Facing such pervasive impediments, HP could not implement key additional features such as real time analytics.


Since 2008, HP’s requisite need for extreme speed, large storage capacity and HA has been met by Altibase. Altibase met the requirements with lower TCO. Higher performance was provided using memory tables of Altibase while massive data was stored in disk tables. Altibase’s hybrid architecture eventually eliminated the need to purchase in-memory databases and on-disk databases separately, which resulted in huge cost savings.


  • Leveraging Altibase’s 45,000 TPS and hybrid architecture, HP now has the complete APM solution.
  • Born from Altibase’s core capabilities of speed and limitless storage size, HP OpenMCM possesses robust features that include real time analytics coupled with vast disk volume.
  • Database administrators can manage Altibase quickly and efficiently.
  • HP OpenMCM saves clients significant money.
  • System administration tasks are considerably easier than alternatives.
  • HP OpenMCM resides with 22 enterprise clients including but not limited to: SK Securities, Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance, Samsung Card Services, KB, Korea National Pension Services, and Korea Securities Depository.

Technical Details – OpenMCM

By leveraging HP OpenMCM that is embedded with Altibase, SK Securities is able to have a comprehensive bird’s eye view on its entire IT infrastructure activities.

Hybrid Architecture

SK Securities, prior to adopting HP OpenMCM, monitored IT resources manually. The manual process took an unacceptable 1 month for 10 engineers to plan for hardware capacity. After deploying HP OpenMCM with Altibase, human resources and associated time requirements declined greatly. It now takes only 1 engineer and 1 week to complete the same process.

Altibase‘s hybrid architecture allows HP OpenMCM to store hot (frequently used) data and cold (less frequently) data seamlessly and without any data compromise. HP OpenMCM can store hot data that needs to be processed in real time in its in-memory tables while it can deal with large historical cold data using its on-disk tables. Altibase satisfies the multi-temperature data needs in one unified engine.

HP OpenMCM makes use of ‘MOVE’ DML that is supported only by Altibase. In order to secure enough space for hot data, HP OpenMCM uses ‘MOVE’ DML to move data from memory tables to disk tables.

High Performance

SK Securities now has the ability to access information regarding its application performance through HP OpenMCM whenever it needs. As a back-end database, Altibase empowers HP OpenMCM to provide the information without any delay.

HP OpenMCM’s high performance powered by Altibase enables SK Securities to reduce the duration of development projects by 20%, resulting in swift defect detection. Furthermore, SK Securities can optimally tune its online transaction speed by pinpointing degradation areas in real time, resulting in extremely high performance.



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