Futures/Options Trading System – I’M Investment & Securities

I'M Investment & Securities switched from Oracle to Altibase, creating the foundation for its global trading systems while growing revenue. Altibase has proved to be agnostic, performing well on any platform.

Use Case: Futures/Options Trading system

Current Customers: I'M Investment & Securities, Samsung Securities, and KDB Daewoo securities

Industry: Finance


I’M Investment & Securities is a leading global investment firm.


I’M, with its legacy Oracle system, experienced severe latency problems within its domestic futures/options trading system. Additional performance issues surfaced during global expansion of its FX trading platform.

  • The geometric growth in online trading caused I’M’s trade execution and confirmation system to become unreliable.
  • I’M needed a secure, dependable DBMS solution that could improve speed, eliminate trade execution errors and increase stability.
  • With little technical support and a sluggish system, I’M’s TCO spiraled.
  • I’M sought a proprietary FX platform that would seamlessly handle substantial trading volumes while providing instantaneous update on exchange rates.


I’M has adopted Altibase since in 2007. Initially, I’M utilized Altibase only for its domestic futures/options trading. In 2010, after witnessing a consistent jump in speed, connectivity and stability in those systems, I’M has expanded Altibase into its many other platforms.[1]


  • Altibase helped I’M by injecting it with a fully integrated global real time FX trading platform.
  • All of I’M’s FX margin activities rely on Altibase, achieving maximum efficacy.
  • I’M handles the increasing growth in online trading with uninterrupted service and precise execution.
  • Altibase has provided I’M with a significantly lower TCO coupled with superior technical support.

Technical Details – Futures/Options Trading System

I’M achieves exceptional results by leveraging key features of Altibase, specifically in the areas of high performance and open platform.

High Performance

I’M, prior to switching to Altibase, was utilizing a conventional on-disk DBMS for its FX and overseas futures home trading system. Increasing trading volumes resulted in significant surges in the number of database transactions. This increase placed a heavy burden on the capacities of its existing conventional on-disk DBMS. Specifically, increased latency became a huge challenge for I’M.

Since 2007, I’M with its domestic futures/options commercial trading system had already experienced resounding success with Altibase which was embedded in a third-party software solution (a proprietary trading desk system). As such, I’M quickly realized that Altibase would benefit its other business lines. Replacing its conventional on-disk DBMS for its FX and overseas futures home trading system was the goal.

In 2010, I’M replaced the existing on-disk DBMS with Altibase which was configured in in-memory only mode. Because I’M was able to put the entire data into Altibase’s memory tables, latency was minimized dramatically.

While delivering extreme speed, Altibase consumed only a fraction of CPU resources. I’M further identified Altibase’s superior reliability and stability.

Open Platform

I’M was running its conventional on-disk DBMS on an IBM AIX Server, and Altibase satisfied the requirement of reusing existing platform. Altibase’s flexibility helped I’M avoid additional server cost.

Altibase was the perfect fit. As an open platform, Altibase is supported on all industry standard platforms including IBM AIX servers. I’M installed Altibase version 5.5 on its IBM AIX 5.3 server without requiring any changes to its existing HW investments.


[1] They included FX margin trading and overseas futures in the home trading system.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.