Fraud Detection System – I’M Investment & Securities

I'M Investment & Securities chose Altibase to control and monitor ongoing deals by detecting potential losses from abnormal transactions in real time.

Use Case: Fraud Detection System

Industry: Finance


I’M Investment & Securities is a leading global investment firm that provides various advanced financial services including M&A, structured finance, project financing, brokerage, FX margin, and derivatives sales.


I’M sought a DBMS to help detect abnormal transactions in advance. The company also needed a solution to quickly control and manage them after detection.

  • I’M used to detect abnormal transactions with its in-house developed software, but as the fraudulent patterns in the abnormal transactions diversified, it could not properly detect them.
  • Handling the fraud detection proved extremely time-consuming.
  • I’M required a DBMS for real time monitoring and an easy development interface while managing various fraud patterns.


I’M has adopted Altibase for its fraud detection system since 2014.


Altibase armed I’M with the ability to protect its customers’ investments.

  • I’M can now detect, control and manage over 40,000 abnormal transactions per day.
  • Furthermore, I’M can now proactively prevent further fraud by analyzing large volumes of historical abnormal transactions in real time. Thanks to Altibase’s hybrid architecture, large volumes of the historical data were stored on-disk, which would not have been possible if they were so in-memory.

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