E-Signature Authentication System – Ministry of Public Administration and Security

MOPAS switched from Oracle to Altibase because of its ability to handle fragmented databases in a single solution.

Use Case: Security Intelligence

Current Customers: GPKI

Industry: Public


The Ministry of Public Administration and Security (MOPAS) handles South Korea’s civil and domestic affairs, including but not limited to the National Police Agency and the National Emergency Management Agency.


MOPAS was entangled with the challenges of developing a system that would allow its existing multi-pronged database management systems to be integrated into one system. Specifically, MOPAS’s goal was to create a centralized information system where citizens could access various agencies’ services with single e-signature authentication. Three core areas presented the great challenges.

  • The existing system configuration lacked performance capability within each of MOPAS’s departments. With each possessing a separate traditional on-disk DBMS, weaving the respective department’s DBMSs together was unrealistic.
  • The total cost of operating and maintaining the existing system, exacerbated by its fundamental inadequacies, resulted in an uncontrollable increase in spending.
  • Government systems, by design, have complex security features which escalate high latency. This unavoidable reality, undermined by the existing malfunctioning DBMSs, contributed to an ever-present risk of calamitous system failure.


MOPAS has employed Altibase since 2007. Altibase’s hybrid technology and replication features has enabled MOPAS to quickly integrate data from all departments into one centralized information system and to provide 24/7 services for all citizens.


  • MOPAS has integrated all systems in various departments into one central system, enabling users to access various services with single swift e-signature authentication.
  • MOPAS continues to grow with such features as its e-council services which are also requiring real time responses.
  • MOPAS’s legacy system allowed for fragmented processing of 800,000 transactions/day. With Altibase, it now processes 1.2 million transactions/day in real time.
  •  By utilizing Altibase, MOPAS has reduced its system maintenance and development costs, which led to a swift ROI.

E-Signature Authentication

[1] MOPAS has installed Altibase in hybrid mode on an IBM P590 system with 4 x 1.5 GHz 8-core; 16 GB of In-Memory and 3TB of on-disk, active-active replication.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.