Digital Audio File System – Korea Broadcasting System

KBS adopts Altibase for high performance and has been fortified with a solution that could handle any increase in system demands. Altibase was chosen over SQL Server.

Use Case: General Purpose Database

Current Customers: Korea Broadcasting System

Industry: Others


Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) is the largest of the four major multimedia networks in South Korea.


KBS had several critical problem areas that required enhanced throughput and real time speed without sacrificing stability or data integrity. KBS’s legacy on-disk database could not handle the requirements.

  • KBS had tested its legacy system, SQL Server. Although it performed passably during the test, its actual performance suffered with growing on-air requirements.
  • The increasing load on the database which requested data for fast recording, playback and storage strained the legacy system. Performance degradation swelled with each passing day.
  • Growth in incremental data transfer within the system and to other related systems became plagued with latency and irregularity and ultimately gave rise to a defunct database management system.
  • KBS needed on-time, reliable and highly available system.


Altibase in hybrid mode satisfied all of KBS’s needs. KBS has adopted Altibase since 2003 for high performance and has been fortified with a solution that could handle any increase in system demands. Leveraging Altibase’s out-of-the-box replication features, KBS has found its HA solution efficient and effective.


  • KBS’s digital audio file system now runs without issues, meeting all demands from its real time on-air requirements.
  • On-air recording, playback, storage and data transfer happen in real time and without performance degradation regardless of rising system demands.
  • KBS is fortified with a tool called aexport which facilitates swift data download and upload. Aexport, a native tool in Altibase, further ensures fast, reliable and uninterrupted data processing.
  • KBS has no run-time problems with Altibase’s HA in active-standby replication mode.
  • KBS has also paved the way for other leading broadcasting companies to adopt Altibase for their own digital audio file systems.

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