Cloud Computing System – KEPCO

KEPCO adopts Altibase for its web-based cloud computing system for its employees. Learn how Altibase's hybrid technology is utilized to provide the company with the security it needs.

Use Case: Private Cloud

Current Customers: KEPCO

Industry: Services


KEPCO is South Korea’s largest electricity producer.


KEPCO needed a database for its K-Cloud web-based cloud computing system for its employees. The purpose of the system was to provide its employees with easy access to company information so that they can work ubiquitously. The system should also be able to protect itself from unauthorized users and employees with malicious intent.


KEPCO has adopted Altibase since 2013. The company did not even bother to invite other database vendors for benchmark testing. From its past experience, the company knew that Altibase was the only option to meet its database needs. KEPCO had been satisfied with the performance, reliability and support that Altibase provides since KEPCO adopted Altibase for its various systems in 2006.


  •  Thanks to Altibase, KEPCO provides its employees with reliable, convenient and easy access to its cloud system.
  •  Data security has been preserved.
  •  The cloud system has never failed. This is critical as failure will cause its employees to idle away.
  •  Employee productivity has been intact. Altibase with an active-active configuration for HA is the reason.
  •  Its TCO is much lower than what it would have been using other vendors’ databases.

Altibase – Downloading is Believing.