Global Cloud Authentication Service – Samsung Electronics

Altibase’s hybrid architecture (in-memory and on-disk in a single unified engine) has met all of Samsung Electronics' needs. Samsung Electronics runs Altibase on Amazon EC2 AWS for cloud authentication without issues.

Use Case: Global Authentication System

Current Customers: Samsung Electronics

Industry: Manufacturing


Samsung Electronics is a global leader in manufacturing various electronic products ranging from semiconductors and home appliances to smartphones.


Samsung Electronics for its “Samsung Apps” could not provide a stable authentication service on Amazon EC2 AWS Cloud for its smartphone app users and smart TV viewers (Samsung Galaxy series, Samsung Note series and Tablets). Samsung Electronics’ problems with the authentication service negatively impacted market penetration and new client acquisition and retention.

  • A major pain point for Samsung Electronics was that its Oracle Coherence based back-end failed, causing its global authentication service to stop for several hours. For its app users totaling near 100 million, Oracle Coherence’s disaster caused huge frustration, attrition and immeasurable opportunity loss.
  • Furthering the problem, Samsung Electronics could not fully recover critical data after the Oracle Coherence crash because of irretrievable data loss. Samsung Electronics needed a solution that seamlessly recovered data even in the event of a total system failure.
  • Samsung Electronics sought a high performance, reliable and robust global authentication service for its fast growing number of users. Concurrent to its high performance (hot data) needs, Samsung Electronics needed a solution for storing large historical data (cold data). The company needed the speed of RAM and the volume of on-disk storage.


Altibase’s hybrid architecture has met all of Samsung Electronics’ needs. Samsung Electronics has run Altibase on Amazon EC2 AWS since 2013. Samsung Electronics provides real time global authentication to over 100 million users with stable non-stop service combined with extremely efficient system resource utilization.


  • Samsung Electronics now provides over 100 million worldwide customers with best-in-class global authentication service.
  • Altibase runs on the Cloud with full flexibility and reliability.
  • Altibase solves Samsung Electronics’ need for high-velocity, real time authentication while Altibase’s unified on-disk feature handles the storage needs of less frequently accessed data.
  • Due to Altibase’s hybrid feature, system resources and associated cost are at a minimum. The result is a substantial decrease in TCO.
  • Samsung Electronics no longer has data loss, downtime or speed vs. size problems. Its system are fully benefited by Altibase’s rich and strict ACID compliant relational database feature.
  • Samsung Electronics utilizes Altibase’s built-in replication feature for HA in active-active mode to eliminate any service interruption.
  • The net results are more app users, higher profitably, revenue growth and superior customer satisfaction for Samsung Electronics.
  • “Samsung Pay” also uses this global cloud authentication service for its authentication function.

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