Central Authentication Service – A Leading Telecommunication Service Provider

Altibase’s in-memory feature provides the company with wired and wireless real time authentication, which has reduced the number of required servers by 60%.

Use Case: IP Authentication

Current Customers: KT and LG Uplus

Industry: Telecommunications


The company is a preeminent, Asia-based telecommunication service leader specializing in broadband and other related services.


Built on an Oracle DBMS back-end, the company’s Central Authentication Service (CAS) was unable to meet business needs as its customer base swelled. The company’s systems were challenged because of their inability to meet demands for scale up.

  • The CAS system, undermined by complex burdens from wired/wireless services as well as other systems data, led to disorderly integration.
  • Substantial demands on the authentication system led to prolonged latency.
  • Development cycles were hindered and associated processes road-blocked. As a result, cost efficiency was non-existent and respective business stagnated.
  • The ability to interoperate effectively with other core systems was a great cause for concern in choosing right databases as the company’s applications were built on relational databases.


The company has adopted Altibase’s in-memory feature into its CAS since 2011. The performance increased substantially as a result of smooth integration with other systems. As system development cycles shortened, there was a quicker response to new business demands and unhampered system expansion.


  • Performance increased by more than 400% over the legacy system.
  • Operational equipment was reduced from 5 servers to 2.
  • TCO was reduced while overall performance and availability of the system grew.
  • Flexibility was seeded by complete interoperability with other systems with no compromise on security.
  • The company’s CAS system has been fortified by integrated wired/wireless terminals and services.
  • The migration from Oralce to Altibase was easy and exponentially less complex as both were relational.

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