Is Your Business Ready for a Plug & Play World? – Modularity Part 1

With the backdrop of IT at its core, the complexity of IT and its choices in today’s business world are staggering.

“People and business love choice. ”
“Choice is freedom.”
“Choice is king.”
“Choice leads to innovation.”

How nimble and adaptable is your business?

  • Most businesses will ‘eventually’ arrive at a crossroads where different technologies have to be merged with an existing infrastructure.
  • Keep in mind that companies have become desensitized to the notion of M&A over the past 7 years due to the economic collapse of 2008.
  • Integration ability will be a major factor in successful enterprise growth given the current activity in M&A and for the foreseeable future.

The problem begins when too many unbridled choices lead to hasty, coreenterprise IT decisions. These decisions, although absolutely sound at the time, can expose businesses to unforeseen issues that ultimately make things awfully confusing, complicated and nonadaptable.

The age old argument between Metric and Standard

Isn’t it ironic that ‘standard,’  in this context, couldn’t be further from the truth?

This especially applies in IT today:

  • Technology has pivoted away from modularity to varying degrees across the gamut of IT.
  • I totally agree that it is a positive and often unavoidable path to innovation and transformation, especially from a macro point of view.
  • Customization and slick, novel ideas and implementations thereof have been the catalyst to the amazing advancements that we have all enjoyed and will continue to enjoy.

Technology choices are awesome. Using them with careful thought, planning and strategy can be transformational. Similarly, I look at this world of choice as analogous to medicine. Take just the right amount and the medicine will heal you and make you better. Take too much and you may die.

I am certain that from a technological advancement perspective, we could not have attained, nor will we be able to birth, further bleeding-edge technology without veering away from a strict modular mindset. While that is true for innovations, it is not necessarily prudent for business’ core IT. As such, a pilgrimage to modular based IT is largely essential to stimulate growth on an enterprise level, as we sit here now and for the foreseeable future.


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