Why Enterprises Need In-Memory Databases

At a recent Gartner event, the keynotes given by the top executives at Gartner circled around the “Internet of Things.” Although this has been around for years, the fruition of a true Internet of Things is just beginning. Gartner noted that enterprises will need three core things to thrive or fail based on the Internet of Things: 1) In-Memory Databases, 2) CEP, 3) Real-time Sensor data.

In-Memory databases coupled with CEP, sensor data and precise geo-spatial capabilities help enterprises with the prerequisites needed to harness the power of real-time information.

In-Memory databases (IMDBMSs) provide the high-speed transactional (OLTP) and analytic (OLAP) functionality that allow for sub-microsecond data processing. By combining the power of IMDBMS, CEP, GIS and sensors, life becomes a highly efficient and optimized information hub.

Altibase(Hybrid DB) software has an out-of-the-box In-Memory databases with an on-disk database in a single database which fortifies enterprises with extreme processing speed and storage capacity of physical disk in a single unified engine. Altibase also has CEP, GIS, sensor data for M2M (and others) with the ability to persist data with strict durability and real-time ACID compliance. In addition, Altibase scales with virtually no limitations both vertically and horizontally.

In-Memory databases are the springboard that allows enterprises to leverage the power of RAM. Altibase combines this with the other components such as CEP and scalability to deliver a total unified “solution” vis a vis its In-Memory database.

The future is now. Embrace it.

For over 15 years, with a total focus on In-Memory computing, Altibase has been in the business of future-proofing businesses.

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