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Altibase enhances data security via secure communication, audit SQL & standard integration method for 3rd party encryption solutions

How does Altibase enhance data security? Aug. 29. 2018 Data security can only be achieved by a holistic approach. Altibase provides strict data security covering all aspects of our product with extreme speed of in-memory database. Representative data security related features are its secure communication support, Audit SQL support and standard integration method support for 3rd party encryption solutions. Altibase also provides various […]

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Altibase differs from Oracle buffer cache in that the latter can only store a very small subset of data and is useful for reads only

How does Altibase compare to Oracle’s database buffer cache? Aug 23, 2018 Occasionally, we are asked why Altibase outperforms Oracle since Oracle uses a buffer cache to improve performance. Some say that the buffer cache resides in memory, and so it should perform equivalent to an in-memory database. This is categorically false. While it is […]

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Altibase can be used as a persistent cache and is open source. Thus, there is no need to purchase separate caching solutions

How does Altibase perform as a persistent cache? Aug. 23. 2018 Altibase can be utilized as a persistent in-memory cache which eliminates common issues associated with commercial caching solutions. The following case studies include related stories. Global Cloud Authentication Service – Samsung Electronics : Altibase is used instead of Oracle Coherence. Yield Management System – Samsung Electronics : Altibase volatile […]

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Altibase offers an automation tool, Migration Center, that easily migrates various data objects from Oracle to Altibase to ensure 100% data integrity and consistency

How does Altibase migrate data from legacy systems? Aug 20, 2018 Altibase offers an automation tool: Migration Center. It migrates various kinds of data objects from sources to target databases and ensures 100% data integrity and consistency. Migration Center Migration Center is a database migration tool that copies compatible database objects and data from other […]

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SK telecom with over 26 million subscribers utilizes Altibase as a front-end to Oracle for higher performance and lower TCO

A Telco With Over 26 Million Subscribers Utilizes Altibase as a Front End to Oracle for Higher Performance and Lower Database-Related TCO The telco’s use case epitomizes Altibase’s compatibility with Oracle: Altibase can replace Oracle or can interoperate with Oracle when replacement of all Oracle databases is not feasible. The cost savings are manifesting greatly […]