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Altibase’s In-Memory Database Offers Speed, Scalability, and Security to Web-Based Cloud Services

Altibase, the world’s most trusted in-memory database solution is stabilizing cloud computing with their unique hybrid database, ALTIBASE HDB. As cloud computing continues to penetrate into mainstream technology, consumers are taking advantage of the capability to access data at will. Simply because data is stored in the “cloud” does not mean it is immune to bottlenecks that impact performance, scalability, and security. In order to limit these bottlenecks, cloud-based services also require a backend database […]

Altibase’s In-Memory Database Chosen by a Top 3 U.S. Insurance Company for its Mission Critical Management Systems

Organizations across the world have begun taking advantage of the extreme speeds of in-memory databases. The consensus among enterprises is that in-memory databases are no longer a niche technology, but a necessity required to make sure that they are not left in the technological dust. Insurance companies are no exception to this; it is quintessential that they receive data, efficiently, on demand and in the form that they need it in. Ultimately, the necessity of […]

Competitors Fighting to Chase Altibase’s In-Memory Database with In-Memory “Options”

Recently, database competitors have touted the benefits of new in-memory “options” as though they were true in-memory database management systems (DBMS), when in fact they are not. True in-memory DBMSs differentiate themselves from in-memory “options” (AKA caching) because caching only increases the speed of reads and not writes. Altibase’s in-memory database has an architecture that handles both reads and writes at the speed of RAM. Caching temporarily maintains frequently-accessed data in-memory, and as such, it is commonly misconstrued as […]

Altibase In-Memory Database Selected by a Top 3 U.S. Security Company for Real-Time Surveillance Systems

Altibase, the leader of In-Memory databases, today announces the integration of its in-memory database management system into a top U.S. security company to help with the increasing demands of commercial and residential security surveillance. As threats grow each and every day, enterprises are deploying mature in-memory database management systems to help fight crime. The prevalence of crime is exploding and encompasses both physical and cyber threats. Altibase provides the company (who requests anonymity) with the […]

Altibase’s Hybrid In-Memory Database Provides the Tools to Protect Organizations from Data Breaches – eTDE, ECC, 1x Decryption

Altibase’s hybrid in-memory database is fighting the war on data breaches by redirecting perpetrators to easier prey. Unfortunately, there is no way to absolutely protect from data breaches; however, Altibase’s unique hybrid engine provides organizations with the tools to divert criminal attention to easier targets.  Data security has always been a critical IT concern, but recent data breaches at Target, Michael’s, Adobe, Yahoo, AOL and others have highlighted the devastating impact it can have on […]