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Altibase provides better safety than Oracle TimesTen with minimum exposure to database corruption

How does Altibase compare to Oracle TimesTen and other in-memory databases? Sep 13, 2018 Altibase provides superior performance in comparison to Oracle TimesTen and other in-memory DBMSs. Representative examples include 99.999% HA, horizontal and vertical scalability, hybrid DB technology and more. When compared against Oracle TimesTen, Altibase excels in overall performance and especially in complex […]

3 Types of Altibase’s Partitioning (2)

Altibase supports data partioning for easier management of a large dabase object

Does Altibase support data partitioning? Yes. Data partitioning is the division of a large database object into several small pieces for easier management. Objects can be partitioned in three ways: list, range and hash. Sep. 5. 2018 Altibase’s Partitioning Technology These three ways of partitioning can be selectively used according to data size, data type, […]


Altibase scales vertically and horizontally. Altibase scales up via auto-extend in-memory tables and scales out via sharding

Does Altibase support vertical and horizontal scaling? Sep. 4. 2018 Altibase can scale vertically and horizontally without any issues. Altibase can automatically account for the addition of new RAM and faster processors. In doing so, there will be an immediate performance increase. Altibase also can scale out horizontally via sharding. Please refer to the manual “Altibase Sharding […]

Relaxed Durability (5)

Altibase prevents data loss with 4 different durability levels so that users can control a balance between performance and durability

How does Altibase prevent data loss? Aug. 30. 2018 Altibase provides multiple durability[1] levels so that a user can select an optimal durability with consideration of its business. For example, Altibase Enhanced Durability level guarantees no data loss with abnormal DBMS shutdown while Altibase Strict Durability level recovers 100% data without any data loss even with […]


Altibase enhances data security via secure communication, audit SQL & standard integration method for 3rd party encryption solutions

How does Altibase enhance data security? Aug. 29. 2018 Data security can only be achieved by a holistic approach. Altibase provides strict data security covering all aspects of our product with extreme speed of in-memory database. Representative data security related features are its secure communication support, Audit SQL support and standard integration method support for 3rd party encryption solutions. Altibase also provides various […]