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Altibase v6.5 Chosen by China Mobile, Fujian for its Billing and Order Support System (BOSS)

Altibase, a provider of in-memory database management system, announces that Altibase v6.5 was chosen by China Mobile Fujian over other leading database vendors for its high performance and advanced features. High performance is a critical requirement for business support systems because BSS systems play a key role in product management, order management, revenue management and customer management for telecommunications providers. China Mobile Fujian recently decided to leverage the in-memory capabilities of Altibase v6.5 to meet these extreme performance requirements.  Altibase’s superior performance, […]

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Altibase Delivers Next DBMS Version and Updated Migration Tools

ALTIBASE HDB Version 6.5 and Migration Center 6.1.1 Altibase is making an often difficult choice to replace incumbent databases, a far easier one for global enterprises. Its latest database release and feature set is loaded with improvements to make customers’ decisions to switch from their legacy databases a virtual no-brainer. The latest versions answer growing global demand for enhanced OEM software compatibility, migration ease, higher performance and significantly greater stability. In recent months, Altibase’s previous version […]

Altibase to Unveil a Free Version of its Legendary Enterprise In-Memory Hybrid Database

Altibase has announced that a free version of its hybrid database (Altibase) will be released for public consumption in early 2015. “After years of demand for a totally free version of Altibase, I am thrilled that our hybrid IMDBMS will soon be available for the masses. Whether it is for education, startups or SMBs, the software will be ready for use with a few clicks of a mouse. Our mission is simple: we would like […]

Altibase Revamps DBMS Industry with All-Inclusive Pricing for its Enterprise-Edition In-Memory Databases

Altibase, the world’s most trusted in-memory database, recently announced a simplified all-inclusive pricing model for its relational in-memory hybrid database. Altibase’s enterprise pricing model simplifies esoteric database licensing practices. Database licensing can be extremely complicated and overly confusing on the enterprise level. For other vendors, the irreconcilable damage of hidden costs, unsavory business tactics and distrust from loyal customers is now front and center. In stark contrast, Altibase is making licensing easy. Its all-inclusive pricing […]

Altibase’s Hybrid In-Memory Database Implemented in Top 5 Global Messaging Company for Over 1 Billion Messages Per Day

Altibase, the world’s most reliable in-memory database, has been chosen for a top 5 messaging client (company confidential), trusted to manage over 1 billion messages per day. Many studies such as the one published by Portio Research, are stating that the traditional Standard Messaging Services (SMS or text messages) have peaked in popularity and are being overtaken by what is known as Over-the-Top (OTT) messaging clients. Due to the rise in popularity and global availability […]