University Database Donation Program

As a software technology company with a large contingent of dedicated software engineers, Altibase is fully committed to further advancing the fields of Computer Science and Software Engineering.  To aid in this effort, Altibase freely donates full production licenses of Altibase to any universities wishing to include the study of in-memory/hybrid databases into their curriculum.

Altibase is actively involved with universities worldwide to enhance their Computer Science curriculum with the latest breakthroughs in DBMS technology.  Altibase is one of the earliest in-memory/hybrid databases to be available on the open market, having been incorporated in 1999 after the successful results of a research project that began in 1991.  With a long history of research and development into in-memory/hybrid database technologies, Altibase wants to empower students with free access to these breakthrough technologies.

What better way is there to prepare students for the “real-world” than to expose them to the latest technologies being embraced by enterprises globally?  Contact us if you would like to obtain Altibase licenses completely free of charge for use by your university students.


Why does Altibase donate database licenses?

Over the past few decades, databases have evolved rapidly to accommodate increasingly demanding business needs.  Unfortunately, education has not always kept pace with these advancements.  Therefore, many students find themselves unprepared for the technology landscape in the real world.

With a constant barrage of new advances in DBMS technology including NewSQL, NOSQL, Document Stores, Key-value Approaches, In-Memory Databases, Hybrid Databases, CEP, Sensor Data, and more, students who do not stay on top of new technology trends risk falling behind and compromising their careers.  Individuals with experience and expertise in the latest technologies are often the ones most coveted by top employers.

Educate your students on In-Memory Databases and Hybrid Databases and introduce them to advanced technology trends that are taking the enterprise world by storm.

What does Altibase donate?

Altibase donates its hybrid in-memory database licenses to universities and offers global technical support to students utilizing its databases for research purposes and individual learning.

What kind of support does the program offer?

Altibase supports students through online portals which offer online education, technical documentation, technical communities and consulting services.

Altibase also offers internships to top students from universities around the world.

What subject material can be taught using ALTIBASE HDB?

  • Relational Database Principles and SQL.
  • Indexes, transactions, constraints, triggers, joins, views, page, extents, segments, tables, tablespaces, etc.
  • OLTP – Online Transactional Processing
  • OLAP – Online Analytical Processing
  • ETL
  • ACID
  • Partitioning
  • Scalability
  • High-Availability / Replication

This was a great opportunity for our graduate students to research and test the latest In-Memory database technology.

Yonsei UniversityProfessor Bum-Soo Kim

Altibase’s donation gave us a refreshing perspective on In-Memory DBMS technology and Big Data. Altibase’s software demonstrated its powerful processing speeds and allowed our students to develop applications with ease.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyProfessor Soon-Joo Hyun

Altibase’s donation of its Hybrid DB to our university allowed us to expand our information systems and create new educational opportunities for our students.

Sookmyung Women’s UniversityProfessor Bo-mil Seo

Altibase’s donation of its In-Memory database software has helped us develop a model for corporate/university partnerships with student internship opportunities.

Inha UniversityProfessor Sang-Bong Yoo

Altibase’s DBMS donation included training focused on data security and hackers in the database market. This provided our students with great learning opportunities which can be applied to the ever growing database security market.

Daejeon UniversityProfessor Tae-il Jeon

Altibase’s donation to Busan University’s research center for logistics systems and Big Data allowed us to educate our students on the latest progress in the Big Data and In-Memory database market. Altibase is now a major component of our core curriculum at Pusan National University.

Pusan National UniversityProfessor Bong-Hee Hong

The Korea Development Institute has added Atlibase’s hybrid database to its curriculum with the objectives to promote its In-Memory database technology while giving students in the field of telecommunications the opportunity to learn about In-Memory databases.

Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

We appreciate Altibase’s software donation and have added it as part of our curriculum. The In-Memory database technology will help our students apply their learning when they graduate.

Yildiz Technical University

The Korea Database Agency donated Altibase to the Turkey Technology University with the aim of introducing an In-Memory database with commercial success. The database received in the donation helps our students learn about In-Memory database technology.

Hacettepe University

Vietnam is a country where the government provides support for software development. Altibase’s donation of its Hybrid DB (In-Memory database + on-disk database) to PTIT allowed students to get hands on experience with In-Memory database technology, allowing them to further develop their applications in the fields of telecommunications and networking.

Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT)

Altibase’s In-Memory database software exposes our students to the latest DBMS technologies. Thank you very much.

Pokhara University

India is one of the major powerhouses for global software personnel. Altibase donated its In-Memory database to the Indian Institute of Technology with the aim of introducing In-Memory database technology to the students to expose them to the Big Data market and give them the advantage of developing this technology on multiple platforms.

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur