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The history of Altibase as the pioneer in in-memory and hybrid DBMS (database management system) goes back to 1991 when ETRI, a government research organization in South Korea, embarked on researching the effects of RAM (Random Access Memory) on traditional relational databases . In 1999, Altibase was founded with an MOU with ETRI. Since then, Altibase has pioneered in-memory and hybrid databases for thousands of use cases across the globe.

In 2004, Altibase developed ALTIBASE HDB, the world’s first hybrid database which combines in-memory and on-disk tables in a single engine. Altibase has sold and supported ALTIBASE HDB for various use cases since then.

  • Altibase now has the richest installation base in the world with over 550 global enterprise clients and thousands of mission critical deployments.
  • Altibase realized from the beginning that in-memory database was the only way to future-proof businesses. Altibase did not chase what was hot, but in stark contrast invented it
  • Altibase has developed, sold and supported ALTIBASE HDB since 2004.
  • Altibase is the only hybrid database provider in the world to offer absolute ACID compliance with a rich set of features and extensive ecosystem.


Altibase’s mission is to cut through, clarify, and capture the essence of business: its clients’ happiness.

  • Customer satisfaction: Altibase is committed to understanding and supporting its clients with its hybrid database experts.
  • Trust: Altibase unequivocally values its clients’ time and money.
  • Zero IP Infringement: Altibase honors IPs of other database vendors and is clear of IP infringements.1

“Altibase is the pioneer of in-memory and hybrid databases. Since 1999, we have created, developed and matured in the high-performance in-memory database and hybrid database space, leading to the richest installation base with over 550 enterprise clients and thousands of deployments.

Altibase, with its beginnings as a government-sponsored research initiative, has been mastering its skills in in-memory databases for over 20 years. It is through this rich history and single-minded focus that Altibase became the most trusted, mature and proven solution for the most discerning companies and governments around the world.

Altibase is the go-to source for mission critical in-memory database  and hybrid database. Altibase is the only company to offer absolute, real time ACID compliance with a rich set of features and extensive ecosystem while coupling the speed of the in-memory database with the mass storage of an on-disk database in a single unified engine through ALTIBASE HDB.

ALTIBASE HDB is unilaterally trusted and fortified by its impeccable reputation as indicated in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Operational DBMSs 2013 and 2014.”

President & CEO
Altibase Inc.

Chronology: How Altibase Has Become the Global Hybrid Database Leader

1991-1997: ETRI, a government research organization in South Korea, researches the effects of RAM on traditional relational databases – Version 1.0 with project name of “Mr. RT.”
1997-1999: Seoul National University, a top university in South Korea, develops version 2.0 of “Mr. RT.” The results were positive, and the extensive research indicated vast potential in commercial utilization of RAM-based relational databases.
2000: Altibase creates the first in-memory database for commercial use: Version 1.0 called Spiner.
Altibase closes its first global customer which places the positive academic findings of in-memory databases into a commercial environment. Altibase version 1.3.1 High Availability and Replication
2001: Daewoo Securities deploys Spiner 1.0 for its financial trading systems.
2002: Altibase releases the second version of Spiner and renames the product ALTIBASE v2.0. Altibase releases the first in-memory database with Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) called ALTIBASE v3.0.
2003: Altibase establishes partnership with ITEC, China.
2004: Altibase receives “Best Global Product 2004” from the Korean Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy. Altibase releases version 4 and renames it ALTIBASE HDB v4.0. ALTIBASE HDB is the world’s first in-memory database with “hybrid” architecture, combining RAM and disk in a single database, 1 + 1=1.
2005: Altibase establishes its leadership being the first to deploy an in-memory database with “hybrid” architecture for commercial use. ALTIBASE HDB introduces its proprietary MOVE technology. Altibase lands all 3 major Chinese telecommunications companies: China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. 100+ enterprise clients and 500+ deployments
2006: Altibase releases ALTIBASE HDB v4.1 with “Spatial” functionality. Altibase receives “Presidential Award for Best Software” from the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs.
2007: Altibase forms partnership with Science Arts, Japan. Altibase releases ALTIBASE HDB v5.0.
2008: Altibase receives “Superior Software Award” from China for excellence in the Chinese telecommunications industry. 200+ enterprise clients and 1,000+ deployments
2009: IT TIMES recognizes Altibase’s dominance in telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, education and government. Altibase opens offices in China and technology center in Palo Alto, CA.

2010: Open Geospatial Consortium certifies Altibase for excellence in geospatial functionality. IT DAILY identifies Altibase as a leader in DBMSs with “Set to be the Number One Database Company in the World.” Altibase opens office in Singapore. Altibase surpasses 20 global partnerships.

2011: A global medical equipment manufacturer in Japan embeds ALTIBASE HDB in all of its MRI, CT, Ultrasound and X-Ray machines. Altibase releases ALTIBASE HDB v5.5.1. IT TIMES notes, “Fastest, Most Efficient Database Imaginable with Altibase In-Memory database.” 400+ enterprise clients and 2,000+ deployments
2012: Altibase establishes USA/EMEA headquarters in Greater New York City.
Gartner recognizes Altibase in “Who’s Who in In-Memory Databases 2012.”
Advanced Technology Korea notes, “Altibase, the Top Data Performance Solutions Provider.”
Altibase is deployed in Amazon EC2 Cloud for Samsung App Stores Authentication.
Altibase releases ALTIBASE HDB v6.0.
2013: Altibase releases ALTIBASE XDB (Extreme In-Memory only Database), the fastest pure in-memory database in the world.
Gartner recognizes Altibase in its Magic Quadrant for Operational DBMSs 2013 for “Product Maturity, Support, Customer Satisfaction and Wide Use-Case Applicability.”
Gartner recognizes Altibase in its “Who’s Who in In-Memory Databases 2013.”
Gartner recognizes Altibase in its “Hype Cycle for Business Intelligence and Analytics, 2013” for expertise in “High-Intensity Transactional Processing.
500+ enterprise clients and 4,000+ deployments. 
Altibase passes 85% in-memory database market share in South Korea.
Altibase forms partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner.
Altibase forms technology partnership with Dell.
Altibase introduces in-memory analytic functions in ALTIBASE HDB.
Dell certifies ALTIBASE HDB v6.1.1 as “Certified Technology Partner.”
Altibase  forms partnership with HP.
Altibase inks partnership with Southpartner, Brazil.
Altibase inks partnership with Akeydor, UK and Greece.
Altibase inks partnership with Intracom, Africa.
Altibase surpasses 40 global partnerships.
Altibase closes a top national bank in India for e-banking.
A leading research firm, Markets and Markets, recognizes Altibase as “Major Player” alongside Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and SAP.

2014: Altibase  inks global partnership with Intel.
Altibase inks partnership with Intel distribution for Apache Hadoop.
Altibase inks global partnership with Red Hat Inc. as its Advanced Business Partner.
Altibase featured on Amazon AWS Financial Services.
Altibase inks partnership with Integral Financial Technology.
Altibase inks global partnership with JBoss as its Advanced Business Partner.
Altibase inks global partnership with UAT.
Altibase recognized by Gartner’s Who’s Who for In-Memory Databases 2014.
Altibase inks partnership with MicroStrategy.
Gartner recognizes Altibase in ”How In-Memory Computing Technologies Enable Digital Business.”
Gartner recognizes Altibase in ”Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2014.”
Gartner recognizes Altibase in ”Hype Cycle for Big Data 2014.”
Altibase inks partnership with Above the Standard Procurement Group.
Altibase inks partnership with Qlik.
Gartner recognizes Altibase in “IT Market Clock for Database Management Systems, 2014″ as Seasoned Vendor.


1 Altibase products are wholly developed by Altibase even down to the smallest snippet of code.